Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte – Übung:
Kreatives Schreiben / English Writing Workshop – Word Games [SS 2009]

Dienstag, 15.15-16.45 Uhr, Seminarraum Kulturgeschichte (Franz-Josefs-Kai 5/1/9)

Peter Waugh
Institut für Kunstwissenschaften, Kunstpädagogik und Kunstvermittlung / Abteilung Kultur- und Geistesgeschichte
Tel: 71133-6502   Fax: 71133-6509   email: Peter.Waugh@uni-ak.ac.at

We will principally be writing, reading and discussing our own texts as a way to encourage the creative use of language (primarily English) in an exploratory atmosphere. Writing in the workshop, both individually and collaboratively, as well as at home, we shall investigate a variety of genres, including short stories, poetry, dialogues, sketches and mini-dramas, employing a range of techniques and forms, such as automatic writing, interviews, dream diaries, cut-ups, collage, haiku, chants, sound poetry, visual poetry and others. We will also read some work by other writers for inspiration and discuss the use of the word in a visual context.

Note: this workshop will be blocked in order to accommodate those people still working in the ‘Englisch für Dissertanten’ group. Details on the first day of the course (10.3.09).

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