Reininger, Alice.
Wolfgang von Kempelen. Eine Biographie.
Wien: Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien – Diss.phil. 2003

[Publikation: Reininger, Alice (2007). Wolfgang von Kempelen. Eine Biographie (= Angewandte Kulturwissenschaften Wien. 7). Wien: Edition PRAESENS; ISBN-10 3-7069-0450-0, ISBN-13 978-3-7069-0450-6; 450 Seiten, brosch., mit SW-Abb.]; Verlagsinfo,
Buchpräsentation: 29. Oktober 2007, Heiligenkreuzerhof; Einladung PDF

Kurzfassung | Abstract

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Over the centuries, much has been written about Wolfgang von Kempelen. The subject addressed by most authors was and is what is commonly referred to as “the Turk” (a chess-playing automaton) which for years has stimulated and still stimulates the fantasy of anyone who sees it. Wolfgang von Kempelen is assigned a permanent place in science history thanks to the “speaking machine” he designed and his book published in 1791, entitled “Mechanism of human speech” on philology, linguistic technology and phonetics. Since however very little was known about his other achievements and the rest of his life, legends about him began to grow up. These are almost as eccentric as that of the Turk itself. The few differing outlines of his life which are available are incomplete and contain incorrect information. There are virtually no reliable literary sources in the actual sense of the word so far.

In this publication Wolfgang von Kempelen. Eine Biografie a complete and exact survey is given on the facts and dates of Kempelen’s life for the first time, results of research work concentrated on the facts which are found in archives and various institutions, which can be proofed anytime.

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