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   Welcome to the pages of the IASS-AIS. Here you find short information on the IASS-AIS. For more details choose one of the pages from the table above.
The International Association for Semiotic Studies -- Association Internationale de Sémiotique IASS-AIS, the world organization in the field of semiotics, was founded in 1969. Since 1994, the seat of the Association is in Vienna.
Among the founding members were scholars such as Algirdas Julien Greimas, Roman Jakobson, Julia Kristeva, Emile Benveniste, Thomas A. Sebeok, and Jurij M. Lotman.
The IASS-AIS has some 1,500 individual members in 65 countries on all continents, and combined with the members of the Collective Members (international and multinational associations dealing with the semiotics of particular topics, national semiotics associations, regional groups, research centers, research groups, circles, university institutes) the Association represents several thousands of semioticians who are organized all over the world.

The IASS-AIS is open to everybody who is working in the field of semiotics or who is interested in sign theoretic problems.
The annual fee for individual membership amounts to US$ 25.00 or 25.
Apart from the usual membership benefits, members are also entitled to highly reduced subscription rates for Semiotica and for S - European Journal for Semiotic Studies (published by the Institute for Socio-Semiotic Studies ISSS).
To join the IASS-AIS, please copy/print the membership form and send it together with your payment to the Treasurer in charge of your country.
For information on the various categories of collective membership and the respective fees please contact the Secretary General.



Eero Tarasti (President), email: Eero.Tarasti@helsinki.fi
Jose M. Paz Gago (Secretary General), email: jmpaz@udc.es
Göran Sonesson (Vice Secretary General), email: goran.sonesson@semiotik.lu.se

Jeff Bernard (Administrative Vice-President)
Institute for Socio-Semiotic Studies ISSS, Waltergasse 5/1/12, A-1040 Vienna, Austria
phone & fax: +43-1-504 53 44, email: jeff.bernard@mcnon.com & IASS-Info@mcnon.com


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Gloria Withalm & Jeff Bernard: phone & fax: +43-1-5045344
email: gloria.withalm@uni-ak.ac.at & IASS-Info@mcnon.com


Contact Web Service 2005-2009:
Göran Sonesson (Vice Secretary General), email: goran.sonesson@semiotik.lu.se

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